born 1910, New York, NY
died 1994, New York, NY


National Academy of Design
Art Students League


Solo Shows

1936 Eighth Street Playhouse Gallery
1937 Kohn Gallery
1942 Artists Gallery
1948 Laurel Gallery
1949 Charm House
1950 Laurel Gallery
1952 New Gallery
1958 Rose Fried Gallery
1959 Betty Parsons Gallery
1961 Betty Parsons Gallery

Group Shows

1936 Ten Dollar Gallery
1936 Municipal Art Committee Gallery
1937 Contemporary Arts
1939 Federal Art Gallery
1940 New York World’s Fair
1942-45 American British Art Center
1946 Charles Egan Gallery
1946 Critics Show Grand Central Art Galleries
1947-48 Betty Parsons
1949 Yale Art Gallery
1949 Laurel Gallery
1949 Ohio Wesleyan University
1949 Santa Barbara Museum
1949 Philadelphia Art Alliance
1949 Brooklyn Museum International Watercolor Exhibition
1950 Argent Gallery
1951 Artists Gallery
1952 Spiral Group, Riverside Museum
1952 Springfield Museum
1952 Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Watercolor, Drawing and Print Exhibition
1953 Spiral Group 8th Annual, New School
1954 Spiral Group 9th Annual, Riverside Museum
1954 Audobon Artists, National Academy Galleries
1955 Korman Gallery
1955 Spiral Group 10th Annual, New School
1956 Spiral Group 11th Annual, Riverside Museum
1956 University of Maine
1957 Spiral Group 12th Annual, Artists Gallery
1957 Audobon Artists
1958 Rose Fried Gallery
1958 HCE Gallery, Provincetown MA
1958 Spiral Group, Riverside Museum
1958 American Abstract Artist, Riverside Museum
1958 Art:USA:58 Grumbacher Special Distinction Award
1959 Brooklyn Museum International Watercolor Exhibit
1959 Whitney Museum, Longview Foundation Grant
1959 Art:USA:59
1959 Spiral Group, NYU
1960 Hudson River Museum, Yonkers
1962 Ilya Shore Foundation
1964 West Side Artists, Riverside Museum
1964 Englewood Armory
1965 Collectors Exhibition, Charleston Art Gallery, WV
1977 Then and Now: New York WPA Artist, Parsons School of Design
1982 Art of the WPA Era, Muhlenberg College, PA
1983 Nancy Stein Gallery
1984 New York WPA Artists Fiftieth Anniversary, Passaic County College Broadway Gallery
1984 Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo
1984 New YorkWPA Artists Inc, City Gallery
1987 Wilburton Gallery, Manchester, VT